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July 19, 2014

the past was RUBBISH

Writing, eh? All that writing people do. About games and stuff. And news, sometimes. Mostly about the one trick discovered by a mom, I suppose, but still – awful lot of writing going on. It’s the games stuff I’m interested in though. I’ve got very little to add on the subject of the thing that this US marine did next that will really surprise you! Sorry if that’s a disappointment.

Which is all a terribly roundabout way of saying “Hallo again, internet!” I’ve not seriously pointed a keyboard at you for quite some time, but suddenly I feel the compulsion. So here goes.

First sentence of that last paragraph looked weird, though. What’s going on there? Should there be another full stop? That would look right strange. I’m leaving it as it is, but I don’t mind telling you – it’s going to play on my mind.

ANYWAY! What was I here for again?



I Need A Hero: Mass Effect 2

February 4, 2010

Martin Sheen, impressed by how important you are.

Mass Effect 2 is out, you lot. Thought I’d point it out, in case you haven’t seen an internet for the last week. It’s very good. Scratches a different spot to Dragon Age, but scratches it good. You want scratching, then swan over to your local games retailer sharpish, as it is, in my opinion, a rather important game.

That’s because there is a particular reason Mass Effect 2 is so successful. It was present in Mass Effect, but the first game’s flaws held it back somewhat. This time around, BioWare have excised all the rubbish and Mass Effect 2 stands proudly amidst the ranks of Absolutely Brilliant Games. For many reasons, but for one reason above all.

Because Mass Effect 2 (and, for the sake of fairness, Mass Effect) makes Commander Shepard the biggest dog in the game. S/he is the boss. Everyone is terrified of Shepard, or goggling with awe. Mass Effect works primarily as a stimulant injection straight to the ego. Shepard is a superman/woman, and playing Shepard is one of the most direct ways any game has managed to make the player feel like a real, last-hope-for-the-galaxy hero. Games keep telling us we’re important, that we’re heroes – Mass Effect makes us feel like titans.


EDR & the Kings of the Decade

January 26, 2010

We come to it at last – the great games of our time.

So here they are, the Big Two. The two games which, in our opinions, jut proudly from the ocean of Zoo Tycoon 8 and Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust to declare themselves the Emperors of Games. There can, of course, be only two. This has presented EDR with a few problems.

How to pick the two? We had five games to choose from, any of which would have a very reasonable case for the top laurels. However, each one, by it’s inclusion, would render some of the others unnecessary (no need to include Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust when you’ve already included Magna Cum Laude – you see?). So we had some choices to make, and blow me down but they were tough choices. Tell you what, this occasionally-writing-things-about-games-on-the-electroweb business is harrowing stuff.

So what are the two games, the Kings of the Decade? Well, the first is…

/drum roll

"I'm 34, actually. Why do you ask?"


I’m so predictable.


The Mage Who Couldn’t Be Caged

January 23, 2010

Controversy! Chaos and malcontent!

The final days of the EDR List of the Decade are nearly upon us, and EDR struggles within itself to pick the BEST OF THE BEST. What a ride it’s been. Over the next day or so, and assuming we manage to reach some decisions, we should be revealing our final two – the games, if you will, of the decade. Eight games are happily inside the hallowed enclosure, sipping on the finest EDR brandy and flaring up our specially imported Habanos while the EDR slave goblins tend to their every whim, no matter how decadent (and believe me, beneath the innocent exterior of Super Mario Galaxy lies a jaded fiend, sickeningly corrupted by the filthy excesses of his massive fame and glory).

But right now, that’s not what occuppies the EDR Combi-Brain. No, instead we are off for a quick delve into another mind. The mind…. of a monster.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we present the greatest villain of them all:


… Jon Irenicus.



January 21, 2010

Holy Martin Sheen, BioWare have outdone themselves. After the horrible mess that was the Dragon Age marketing campaign, who knew they could make a game look this fantastic? I admit, I’m stoked. Very few games manage to really deliver on the promise to make the player feel like a real genuine space hero, but Mass Effect did it. I felt like Captain James T. Kirkbauersuperman. I tremble with anticipation at the chance to be an angry hero all over again.

This really does look magnificent.

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EDR & the Best Games of the Decade Part VII

January 12, 2010

Sweaty palms? Shortness of breath? Quickening pulse? There’s only one explanation – the premiere EDR Games We Really Liked Last Decade List is drawing to a close. There are only four games left – two from me, two from Gilbo. The anticipation is raw and physical.

But let’s pause for a moment for a brief examination of this whole list business. As is our way on EDR, it has all been rather chaotic and unplanned. We probably should have done it as more of a countdown, as that’s how these things always seem to end up anyway, so people tend to assume that’s what you’re doing. We didn’t. Well, sort of. Mine have ended up in a roughly hierarchical arrangement, but I can’t speak for Comrade Gilbo (although from my pure and objective viewpoint, I’d say the games he’s picked are roughly in the order I would have stacked them).

For me, this one is where things have become tricky. The shameful delay in posting has come because there has been a terrible three way showdown going on in my head (and, because my love of games is a hot and visceral thing, my heart) for this place. It could probably have gone any way. Then I thought, calmly, as I painted a box of Hormagaunts (this is clearly the best way to approach taxing blog difficulties), and considered; if I left all three off the list, which would cause me to tear at my hair and scream at the heavens in guilt-ridden misery? Only one answer.

So, what’s it going to be? Well, of course, it had to be…

"This game is uniquely adult, and not at all juvenile. No, really. And look me in the eye when I'm talking to you."



Here Comes 2010

January 8, 2010

I’m taking a break from trying to get my broken Space Hulk sorted out to bring you lots of lovely treats from the internet. You lucky things.

So, first up – Mass Effect 2. Here she is, courtesy of Gametrailers.

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Opinions follow. More videos too. I’d click onwards, if I were you.