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July 19, 2014

the past was RUBBISH

Writing, eh? All that writing people do. About games and stuff. And news, sometimes. Mostly about the one trick discovered by a mom, I suppose, but still – awful lot of writing going on. It’s the games stuff I’m interested in though. I’ve got very little to add on the subject of the thing that this US marine did next that will really surprise you! Sorry if that’s a disappointment.

Which is all a terribly roundabout way of saying “Hallo again, internet!” I’ve not seriously pointed a keyboard at you for quite some time, but suddenly I feel the compulsion. So here goes.

First sentence of that last paragraph looked weird, though. What’s going on there? Should there be another full stop? That would look right strange. I’m leaving it as it is, but I don’t mind telling you – it’s going to play on my mind.

ANYWAY! What was I here for again?



Me & My Wii

October 3, 2010

In the living room downstairs lies a Wii. Christmas excepted, the poor thing doesn’t get much love. Every now and then I’ll switch it on and have a forlorn attempt to get it to recognise the wretched wireless network, but the Wii whirrs and makes appeasing blingly blongly noises, and then tells me to sod right off.

You see, I don’t have very many games for the Wii. In fact, I have two. One of them is Wii Sports, which is all very nice I suppose, but mainly entertaining for the just-plugged-the-console-in-for-the-first-time novelty of wanging your hands about and clobbering your girlfriend in the chops. Good, clean family fun – but hardly the stuff of six hour red eye gaming marathons.

The second game is a bit different. It is that game, brothers and sisters, that heralds the rebirth of ElectricDeathRay. Testify.