But Where Does This Strange Energy Come From…?

ElectricDeathRay is:

Si ‘Gillbo’ Gill – A PR person who does a fair bit of writing, but that’s ‘copywriting’ so it doesn’t count. Gillbo’s main areas of expertise are David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, First Person Shooters, Strategy, Racing and Football games. He’s not sure why these demand capital letters.

‘Tall’ Paul Sellwood – Paul loves games like an overly strict father loves his children. He respects brilliance, and he respects aspirations. He comes down hard on laziness, and boring unambitious games are sent on their way with a clip around the ear and a stiff lecture. He enjoys a good argument, but his opinions are wild towering things that crash unsubtley across the unpoliced wilds of the internet like bloodthirsty hippos. He absolutely will not stop. Ever.


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