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At last, those considerate people of the internet have come up with a way that social outcasts like you and me can encounter the Females.  Here is a tantalising nugget from the press release

“On GameCrush, players can find their perfect PlayDate through browsing their profiles and chatting live with them. Players can then purchase a live one-on-one private gaming session, complete with two-way video and text chat.”

Oh my.

I despair, EDRites. Yes, this sort of thing is good for an evening LOL, but I just know that this one will be back to haunt me in the bitter watches of the night.  Out there, somewhere in the world, there is a company preparing to attempt MASSIVE PROFIT by charging hopeless geeks $6 for ten minutes gaming, long-distance, with a young laydee.

Yes. Six dollars for ten minutes of Gears of War 2. That you’ve already paid about thirty quid for. But now, the faceless competitor you’re calling a n00b and reporting for hacking is a sultry vixen of magnificent sexual wiles. Probably. They’re still two hundred miles away, natch.

These GameCrush chaps must be off their nut. The vast majority of gamers, I would guess, are not the tragic misfits of popular convention but perfectly average human beings, quite capable of making unwanted sexual advances in the flesh, with no money changing hands. What, I ask, is the possible point of this? Who in their right minds is going to drop eighteen dollars for a half-hour non-date?

That said, if someone was paying me to run this blog, I might be tempted*. This is surely a rich seam of bloggery, right here.

(Image lifted from The Escapist. Thanks, chaps.)


*I might also write on here occasionally.

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