"Your antediluvian GPU is mine. I WILL NOT BE DENIED."

EDR, I need you.

My beige box (actually purple) has been shuffling off the mortal coil for about three years now, inching painfully towards the grave with fatal inevitability. Recently, artificial means of resuscitation (new processor, new RAM, new HDD, new mobo etc etc) have prolonged it’s miserable life. But Death is a cruel master, and much like Imperiex, he will not be denied. His mortal grip is now upon my graphics card.

Basically, I’m artifacting hard. Salvidor Dali is going on surrealist improvisational graphical solos in the bowels of my PC, and then the whole thing breaks down like George Best locked in a distillery. Anything more demanding than Quake causes great dark plumes of smoke to curl straight off my monitor. This ain’t good.

So I need a new card. This is a problem, as I am fairly strapped. As an alternative, I need old and undemanding games. Forgotten gems. Under-appreciated classics that I skipped past while I wasted hour after hour in Oblivion and Total War. I can play Galactic Civilizations. I can play Civ IV (although it’s no good at all for my blood pressure). I can play World of Goo, and I can play (thank the bountiful lord) Peggle.

But what else should I play, EDRites? What should I wander through and possibly write about at a later date?


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  1. Nightjuju Says:

    Serious Sam HD!
    1. Simon the Sorceror
    2. Gobliins
    3. Daggerfall
    4. Oni
    5. Broken Sword
    6. DOOM

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