New (Old) Games!

I am unwilling to sever the delicious tension you must all be feeling as you await Comrade Gilbo’s upcoming King of Games, but I simply must. NEWS WON’T WAIT. Look who’s back!

Well, sorta. Good Old Games (that’s to you and me) have reached an acquisitive hand into antiquity, and returned grasping a deal with Activision, predatory ne’er do wells of the moment. But what this means, excitingly, is that old Sierra games are now being made available for download on their website. Other Activision (and, since the merger, Blizzard) games should follow as well. Now admittedly they’ve only got flawed isometric RPG Arcanum and flawed point ‘n’ click-er Gabriel Knight up so far, but consider the possibilities! Leisure Suit Larry. Space Quest. King’s Quest. WarCraft. Diablo. This is encouraging stuff.

So get yourselves over to GOG for some Gabriel Knight. Despite its flaws, it has a place in people’s hearts and is an important part of our long neglected heritage. When you’re done, check back, as I’ll be slinging up some half-baked thoughts about gaming’s recent rediscovery of it’s origins.

Have fun, you kids.

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