Molyneux & Impossible Dreams (and weblinks, natch)

That Picasso ain't got nothing on me. Can't touch this.

That Picasso ain't got nothing on me. Can't touch this.

This Games of the Decade business has turned nasty. I’ve got two choices left, and too many games to pick from. Whatever I choose, I’m going to feel like a murderous traitor. Oh the misery of blogging. It’s a tough life, EDRites.

Anyway, what I’m actually here to post is a link to keep the hungry EDR reader sated while I prepare my next post. I’m like a shephard of the internet, with you lot as the sheep and words as my adorable black and white dog. EDR would be a paddock, or something, with the Internet itself as the entirety of the Lancashire hillsides. You see? Good.

Finally reaching the point, here is a chap called Alexander Gambotto-Burke writing on Eurogamer about Quixotic games development, and making jokes about John Romero. Interesting read, and he makes some points that I feel sure the cognac sipping literati who stop by EDR for their games reading will find themselves concurring with.

Go see.

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