Here Comes 2010

I’m taking a break from trying to get my broken Space Hulk sorted out to bring you lots of lovely treats from the internet. You lucky things.

So, first up – Mass Effect 2. Here she is, courtesy of Gametrailers.

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Opinions follow. More videos too. I’d click onwards, if I were you.

Blimey. Aliens! Shooting things! Enormous space ships! President Bartlett – and if that doesn’t merit a WTFLOLZOMG I don’t know what does. BioWare have gone a bit nuts with the big name voice actors recently, what with Captain Janeway and Frank N. Furter both popping up in Dragon Age: Origins, and now Jayne and President Bartlett appearing in Mass Effect 2. It’s enough to make a poor boy like me get delirious fantasies that this childish pasttime of ours isn’t a perverse murder trainer for sociopathic pre-teens. Nearly.

So that’s Mass Effect, and it’s a safe bet to say that it will probably be quite jolly. The first one was a belter, and I’m quite looking forward to more Star Trek meets 24 action. My hellishly ugly vicious bastard Cmdr Shepard awaits the chance to head back out into space to scream abuse at mourning parents and punch as many innocent people as he can find. Cracking.

But wait! There’s more. Check this out.

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Oh Gametrailers, you’re spoiling us. But yes, spy-rpg-shooter action upcoming in the new year. Looks intriguing, no? But wait. I’ve been keeping tabs on this brute for quite some time, and while I’m certainly looking forward to its eventual (delayed) appearance, it’s a qualified excitement. See that logo at the start? That’s Obsidian, that is – home of Chris Avellone, geek darling for his work on Planescape: Torment (amongst others), and developers of Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2. You see?

Obsidian are a studio that should make stunning games – but as a rule, they tend to come rather unstuck. Knights 2 was noteable mainly for its gaping plot holes, lack of ending and failure to understand the spirit of Star Wars (where the original game excelled). NWN2 was similarly flawed – slightly limp writing, a tediously coiling plot and murderously irritating interface problems. Alphap Protocol looks tremendously exciting – but watching other video trailers shows a rather stiff looking combat system. Can Obsidian finally deliver on their undeniable promise? They have the pedigree – these are ex-Black Isle geezers after all, with a history of brilliant, inventive RPGs. Let’s see if they can finally come good.

And lastly, time for EDR darling Dragon Age to take to the catwalk, wearing a brand new look straight out of Masters of the Universe…

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Now that’s more like it. I’m hungry for more, and even faintly ridiculous talking skeletons can’t dampen my enthusiasm. What’s more, five new characters. Huzzah etc. But hold on. While this may be DLC (and admittedly, it’s a good fifteen hours of DLC), it’s not going for a DLC price. This blighter is going to set you back the price of a full game. It’s going to cost more than a Trygon. If I didn’t have one en route, I’d need a serious think.

Hope you enjoyed that, you lot. Tune in this evening for the next in our exciting Games of the Decade list. What’ll it be? I predict Streets of Rage.

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One Comment on “Here Comes 2010”

  1. That Mass Effect 2 trailer is stonking. I wasn’t too excited by this game until i saw that. But then, the MW2 trailer also convinced me to buy it, and we all how that turned out…

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