Seasonal Tidings

Happy Mildly Belated Christmas tidings to all and sundry, and what’s more, a Happy New Year into the bargain. As you are no doubt aware, we’ve been missing from the wilds of the internet for an extremely long time. How you must have missed us. We missed you too. Let’s all have a nice cuddle. Mind my mince pie belly.

Anyway, what with builders, Christmas and board games, we haven’t provided electroland with any words for about a month. Never fear, though, for with the encroaching New Year come New Words. Coincidence? No. So over the next week or so, me and Gilbo will be popping back, wiping the chocolate and beer from our vests, and writing enthrallingly about THE GAMES OF THE DECADE. Oh my. What could they be? Will your favourite game be included? Will I manage to slip enough snide bitchiness about Modern Warfare 2 in to keep my fans happy?

There’s only one way to find out. Hint – you’ll need a browser. Or my phone number.

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One Comment on “Seasonal Tidings”

  1. NightHunter Says:

    About bleeding time too.

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