I heard the news today (again)

Look how evil it is!

Mmmm, lovely internet. Here’s some stuff to get y’all talkin;.

For those of us that hate and fear FarmVille, FishVille or MobWars, there’s an interesting piece over at Eurogamer about how these apparently free games actually make a lot of money for developers, Zygna. We, of course, already knew this, but all the same, it does highlight the fact that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The other moral here is; don’t play shit games.

On the same site (I love Eurogamer) there’s an interview with Major Neil Powell of the British Army who suggests that “gamers are precisely the target audience” he is looking for. Sounds very odd, I know, but he makes some decent enough points. My only concern is that it’s exactly this type of story that Daily Mail would love to use to prove that gamers are “Being Trained to Kill”.

Over on IGN meanwhile, there’s an amusing piece on the top ten gaming controversies of all time. As you’d expect, there’s some obvious ones in here, such as the God-awful Mass Effect sex scene, which was hardly Lady Chatterley’s Lover, but my favourite today remains the Hot Coffee mod for GTA San Andreas. By favourite, I mean funny, not… er.

Medal of Honor [sic] is back. For war fans, this is good news, for everyone else, it’s probably a mixed blessing. Apparently, this time around it’s going to be set in the modern-day. I literally have no idea where they got this idea from. (For legal reasons; it almost certainly wasn’t Call of Duty).

Of course, I’m being unfairly cynical. Medal of Honor was always a fairly decent game, it was just less good than Call of Duty. Expect, Lego: Modern Warfare, The Sims 3: Modern Warfare, and FIFA 2011: Modern Warfare shortly.


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2 Comments on “I heard the news today (again)”

  1. NightHunter Says:

    Lego: Modern Warfare would be awesome and I won’t hear otherwise.

  2. I agree. I also think that The Sims 3: Modern Warefare would be great.

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