Tennis, Laydeez and Boring FPS Don’t Mix

I am taking a break from Castle Crashers (of which you shall undoubtedly be hearing more later) to post THE NEWS. It appears that goofy Scot stick insect Andy Murray has been given the old heave-ho by his fancy lady. I know! Pressingly important. I bet you’re glad you dashed to EDR this afternoon, or you might never have known. What is interesting though is her reasoning – the tennis superstar was thrown over not because he’s clearly an unlovely arrogant berk, but rather because he spends seven hours a day playing videogames. Seven! You’ll never get to Icecrown Citadel with that kind of pathetic investment, Andy.

But of course, it’s not World of Warcraft that Andy is playing. It’s CODMODWAR2, natch. Tennis pros aren’t up to thinking for themselves, y’see. Suddenly the whole situation is more understandable. I’d be in a severely dumping mood if my SO felt the urge to spend seven hours a day playing a game so drab and uninspired. In fact, I sympathise with the young lady – the months that the Slag took fighting desperately through Zelda: Phantom Hourglass were dark days for all concerned. Anyway, this means if you’re a PS3 or XBOX THREEHUNNERDSIXTY playa, you may have fragged Andy Murray. A possible brush with greatness. Maybe. I suggest you go around claiming you have, and that his ladyfriend was so impressed with your mad sk1llz that she dumped him and shacked up with you instead.

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