Death Plunge

I have recently acquired a flying white tigerbird in World of Warcraft, only three years after everybody else, and the simple delight of flying around, swooshing dramatically past towers and buzzing the plebeians restricted to horseback is currently my number one fun time. I’m having all the LOLs.

But there’s more to flying than flying. There’s falling.

Absulon gets his rush. Then dies, natch.

Call me peculiar if you like, but I love falling in games. Love it. Flinging myself recklessly off enormously high things is not a desire that I would ever be tempted to indulge in real life, but in games, free from consequences (spine shattered into dozens of pieces, shins ending up embedded in the skull, death – that kind of thing) leaping to my doom is a siren call which I cannot resist. Remember the heady carefree days of Jedi Knight? Kyle Katarn’s flailing limbs as he submitted to my insatiable lust for grisly encounters with the enormously distant ground, his fading screams as he plunged forever and ever into the abyss of Nar Shaddar (the floating city, fact fans). Tom Raider usually has good spots for a death plunge too, and Lara has a magnificent tendency to crunch in a satisfying fashion, limbs contorted and mangled in testimony to our shared love of jumping off things.

But WoW does it best. It’s the openness, I think, the explory-ness. In Jedi Knight or Tomb Raider: Legend, you always come across the same enormo-heights but in WoW, you get to seek them out, hungrily chasing the gravitational dragon. Leaping off the Dark Portal is brilliant fun because you have to get yourself up there (admittedly, a griffon makes this very easy indeed, but that isn’t the point). A bunch of people will never do this as they’re far too busy grinding instances or whatever it is the hardcore players do these days. But Absulon, bold reckless Absulon mounts his faithful steed, takes to the sky, and then flings himself boldly at the ground. He lives for the rush. He also dies a great deal and spends an awful amount of money on repairs, but he lives. Oh how he lives.

By crashing to my doom in this way, I achieve nothing. It necessitates a quick load at the very least, a miles back load if I forgot to save before the jump, or a possibly long and tedious corpse run in WoW. There’s no official achievement for dying with your calves wrapped around your kidneys like this, but that isn’t the point at all. I’m not doing it for the game. I’m searching out and finding my own non-prescribed fun. It’s a game, but so often we forget to play.

Remember to play. Remember to Death Plunge.

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9 Comments on “Death Plunge”

  1. Nightjuju Says:

    ahh you see I too enjoy the occasional ‘Death Plunge’ in WoW, however I do tend to get a quick twinge in my stomach as I plummet to my death, I think this hearkens back to the days of me clumsily falling to my death in JKII and then having to re-do the damn level!

    Also Tom Raider? Is that the slightly butcher version?

  2. nightjuju Says:

    also, doing what this page suggests might be a good idea.. cos I would quite like to receive emails of your blog posts to remind me to pop on here and read em…

  3. Joe Says:

    I think a Druid would suit your suicidal jumping better, at least then you could turn back into a bird before you went splat. Or, alternatively, jump in the nude. (It won’t save your life, but it will save your wallet.) Jumping nude will also establish your cool credentials with all who see you plummet by.

  4. Scruffy Says:

    I did this a few times, but I’m no the hardcore jumper that you are.

    Also isn’t it “Nar Shaddaa”?

  5. Paul S Says:

    Dammit, yes. Nar Shaddaa is right. I’ve disgraced myself.

  6. NightHunter Says:

    Who can forget the first time you used a scroll of icarian flight in Morrwind, flew halfway across the map and died in a messy pool of your own insides (or just fell over, that game was lacking in the gib thing).

  7. Paul S Says:

    Blast. Knew I’d missed a good one.

    Anyone else think of any good enormous drops, post ’em here or email me, and I’ll rip you off wholesale for a follow up post. I’ve got no time for integrity.

  8. Sammi Says:

    There is at least one in Fable II. It feels ridiculously cool. Plus no horrendous death

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