Why Are We?

This may not be the big questing interrogation of Dragon Age: Origins which is currently on my mind grapes, but I feel it is far too important to ignore.

Chris Hecker, former designer at Maxis, has given an address at the very august sounding IGDA Leadership Forum. He makes some compelling points, all of which are surely crucial to the various problems facing gaming as a cultural form.

Check it out, yo.

With the recent release of Call of Loot-y and the direct cash streams it seems to have opened to the wallets of every 12-30 year old male in the western hemisphere, this bears some thinking about (maybe even some writing about – WATCH THIS SPACE). Are games devs just looking to hook into our bank accounts? To some extent, natch, but I’d like to think there’s a bit more going on than that (outside of FIFA / COD / every godawfulinterchangeablearcaderaceronthexbox). Certainly games like World of Goo or Braid have grander ambitions and I’d like to think that Bioware, Obsidian, Bethesda, Lionhead – companies like these aspire to more than just strolling home with huge sacks of loot.

But maybe not. Food for though, eh?


Thanks go out to NJ Croal for the link. GOD BLESS TWITTER!

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